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Arabic 101 For Egypt Visitors

Arabic Calligraphy by Mark via flickr

If you’re planning to travel in Egypt but can’t speak a word of Arabic I have some good news and bad news for you. Bad news first: Arabic is HARD. There’s a completely different alphabet, phonetic sounds with no equivalent in the English language, and words that change their meaning completely with just a slightly […]

Egypt Essentials

10 Funny Facts About Egyptians That You Must Know

Courtesy of Why Kei via Unsplash

I am one of those poor Egyptian souls who greatly suffer from waiting for people to show up on time, I always initiate the “let’s go out kind of spirit” to end up facing the biggest disappointments of last-minute canceling. As I was fortunate enough to travel here & there, and meet with travelers from […]


40 Ideas to Enjoy Cairo Without Eating (Part 1)

Food is one of the pleasantest things in life to “God knows” how many, and usually the main reason we Egyptians hang-out with friends and/or family. Hey, of all world nations; we LOVE food! We talk about food 24/7, get excited about trying the newest invention on the food scene, always in the look for […]

Diving Centers

Scuba Seekers Diving Club

Diving in the Red Sea by Mohamed Said

Scuba Seekers The folks at Scuba Seekers in Dahab have been my go-to divers since I first started diving in 2013. Besides having super-clean facilities and well-maintained diving gear … these divers just clearly love what they do! Without a doubt, the reefs are special to them, and they want to share what makes diving […]