I am an Egyptian. An ex-legal researcher; though law wasn’t the career for me, I’ve never regretted studying law. It gave me enough skills to argue and convince my parents that I do not belong to that world! A former ‘corporate slave’ – hopefully, I won’t have to go back again. An expert budget traveler, travel blogger and photographer who would sell my kidney just to finance another trip. A hiker; Africa’s peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro & Mt. Toubkal are my witnesses. A travel-adviser, thrill-seeker, outdoor-lover, early-bird, and a true foodie. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a digital nomad… until nearly three months of touring Europe made me homesick.

I never get enough of travel, but as a Pisces, I cannot survive for long outside of my comfort zone. Though I never tire of reading about travel, nor of pushing others to explore the amazing world we live in, I only get anxious and am easily irritable when I cannot afford to travel.