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A Brief Introduction to the City of Saint Catherine Sinai

Hiking the valleys of Saint Catherine

Why Visitors Usually Travel to the City of Saint Catherine? When considering a visit to the City of Saint Catherine (a.k.a Katrina), one would only think about climbing Mt. Moses (a.k.a. Mt. Sinai) to witness the sun rise or set, marvel at Sinai mountain ranges with the sun rays reflecting on them, say a prayer at such […]


Alexandria: Not Just Egypt’s Food Capital

Last March, to celebrate my birthday, I decided to go to Alexandria on my first visit in almost 4-5 years, maybe more. Alexandria represents my childhood; where we used to spend our summer vacations at my grandparents’ ground floor flat in Ma’moura. Feel the Nostalgia Every time my dad took us on a road-trip to Alexandria, […]


Abu Simbel: The 8th Wonder of the Ancient World?

Everyone loves a good listicle. Top 10…. you name it… that list probably exists out there somewhere on the internet. Heck, put together a list of the world’s top 15 toilets, and even that will go viral. But these kinds of lists existed long before sites like Buzzfeed ever did. Hellenistic (aka Ancient Greek) tourists […]


The Ultimate Guide to Marsa Alam Holidays

Dolphins swim past divers at Eliphinstone Reef by Adham Fahmy

Welcome to the ‘Red Sea Riviera’ Thirty years ago, Marsa Alam was little more than a quiet fishing village in the sleepy southeast corner of Egypt’s Red Sea Governorate. Today that same area is quickly becoming one of the country’s top hottest travel destinations. Each season, the aptly-called ‘Red Sea Riviera’ attracts a growing number […]


What To Do In Dahab, See, Costs & Ways To Save – Dahab Travel Guide

Wadi Gnai by Nesreen El-Molla

Let’s Explore The Best Things To Do In Dahab What is Dahab -Egypt- like? Dahab city is a hippie Red Sea coastal town, pet & “as much as possible” environmentally friendly, is the kind of places not only you will fall in love with, but also get a feeling of belonging to. Before you know […]


Cairo Tourist Attractions for First Time Visitors

Food fiesta at Kebdet Elprince by Passainte Assem

Discover Cairo tourist attractions like never before. Cairo, the capital of Egypt might shock you a lot or surprise you a little before making its peace with you. It will leave you speechless, unable to believe what you see, incapable to grasp what makes you love it so much. But in the end, you’ll feel sad […]