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My Volunteer Experience at the Little Oasis in Dahab

Dina & I riding a pickup car to watch the sunset at the Laguna

I have no idea if I was living the dream or the nightmare. If I prefer to be the city girl who has everything within reach, and can survive its chaos & fast pace, or that no-frills human who appreciates a primitive life, walking the streets in shorts & flipflops, and finds a hot shower […]


9 Reasons to Choose Egypt Over Any Other Country

Marsa Nayzak by Gigi Ibrahim

How many of you have been asked, or heard concerns raised about going on a trip to Egypt? As a female traveler, do I have to cover up and wear a veil all the time? Does Egypt only have 5 star resorts, ain’t no place for backpackers & budget travelers? Can I enter a mosque or are […]


Top Dog Friendly Places in Cairo

Baladi dog

Those of us with pets may seem like strange folk to the rest of the population. Often we consider our animals to be part of the family, so of course we want to be able to take these family members with us when we enjoy family outings! And we are always on the lookout for […]


52 Fun Things to Do in Cairo (That Don’t Involve Food) & Where to Find Them

Egyptians could easily be nominated the foodie-st nation in the world, in fact, meeting-up in restaurants and cafes in Cairo is Cairenes’ or even most Egyptians’ preferred hangout, but when we are fed up with food, having tried all shisha flavors that came into existence, or ran out of topics to discuss, we start wandering […]


How to Enjoy Cairo in 48 Hours

Camel Back Riding at Giza Pyramids by Mohamed Said

First, let me say for the record that Cairo isn’t really a 48-hour type of destination. Time has a way of passing by in this city that is best not measured in hours or days. The rhythm of life in Cairo beats in a way that is uniquely Cairene. This rhythm can be charming or […]


Volunteering In Egypt: What You Need To Know

Volunteering in Egypt via Unsplash by Larm Rmah

Whether you’re taking a work-break, about to make a career shift, just graduated from high school or university and looking into gap year volunteering programs, if you want to spend your vacation right, eager to fill your spare time doing a good deed, exploring a new city or a beautiful country, living like a local, […]


Beginners Guide to Red Sea Diving

scuba diving in the red sea by Benedikt Kuhn

This is a guide for those of you with no diving experience, who want to take the opportunity to learn to dive in one of the premiere diving locations in the world: The Red Sea. Experienced divers come to Egypt from all over the world to dive here, due to the crystal-clear water and diverse […]


Siwa Sand Baths : Natural Therapy in Egypt

Photo of how Siwa sand baths are done via the web

Heard of all the therapeutic characteristics of Siwa’s hot sand baths that can do miracles to those suffering from skin irritation, fertility problems, joints, bones, or muscles pain? Siwa Oasis Facts: this natural therapy has been used since ancient times to cure such diseases. Here’s all you need to know… Where? Gabal Dakrour -Dakrour Mountain- […]