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Egypt Essentials

Ancient Egypt 101 – A Short History Lesson

The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Downtown Cairo by Passainte Assem

Besides being one of the world’s oldest and greatest civilizations of all time, it’s intriguing how with all advanced technologies, and recent discoveries till that day no one was able to tell who actually built the Pyramids? how many treasures are still hidden? what secrets are still uncovered? and the more they excavate the more […]

City Guides

A Brief Introduction to the City of Saint Catherine Sinai

Hiking the valleys of Saint Catherine

Why Visitors Usually Travel to the City of Saint Catherine? When considering a visit to the City of Saint Catherine (a.k.a Katrina), one would only think about climbing Mt. Moses (a.k.a. Mt. Sinai) to witness the sun rise or set, marvel at Sinai mountain ranges with the sun rays reflecting on them, say a prayer at such […]


What To Expect During Christmas in Egypt

Christmas ornaments via pixabay

The Christmas holiday season certainly is a popular time for tourists and travelers visiting Egypt. Lots of people from colder climates love spending their winter vacation someplace warm and sunny, making Egypt an ideal destination for holiday travel plans. For many, this is actually the best time to visit Egypt! Thinking of spending Christmas in […]

Egypt Essentials

Egypt Trains – Sleeper Train to Luxor/Aswan: Yes or No?

Don't freak out when you see people walking on the railways, apparently it's a fearless common practice, haha (photo via unsplash)

Since we’ve been asked countless times whether to choose to fly to Luxor/Aswan direct, or if it’s better & cheaper to go by train? To answer your question, I rolled my sleeves, and decided to travel to Aswan by train, experience it myself to give you my personal feedback. Egypt trains can be booked through […]