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8 Beautiful Souvenirs You Must Get In Egypt

This is a guest post by Dee Nowak, of the travel blog Vanilla Papers. Dee lives in Cairo and writes about slow travel and simple living.  Did you ever get excited about a souvenir at an exotic market only to come home and watch it gather dust? I love how souvenirs can conjure up memories […]


Ramadan in Egypt: A Guide to Understanding the Culture

Ramadan in Egypt via Pixabay

So yesterday marked the start of the Holy month of Ramadan -the Muslim fasting month-, I am sure that many non-muslims have so many questions & concerns regarding Ramadan in Egypt, and if one should or should not travel to a Muslim country during Ramadan, so I am here to answer as many as I […]


17 Places With Live Music in Cairo (Not a DJ, Restaurant, Bar or Club)

Live Music in Cairo via pixabay

After visiting Cairo, ticking-off some bucket-list items; the Pyramids of Giza & the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities & the old souq of Khan El-Khalili, eating at every freaking local restaurant, food stall, or cart, trying all recommended dishes & drinks; from foul, koshary,  molokheya, and stuffed pigeons, to hibiscus juice, sahlab (known in […]


Ancient Egypt 101 – A Short History Lesson

The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Downtown Cairo by Passainte Assem

Besides being one of the world’s oldest and greatest civilizations of all time, it’s intriguing how with all advanced technologies, and recent discoveries till that day no one was able to tell who actually built the Pyramids? how many treasures are still hidden? what secrets are still uncovered? and the more they excavate the more […]


A Brief Introduction to the City of Saint Catherine Sinai

Hiking the valleys of Saint Catherine

Why Visitors Usually Travel to the City of Saint Catherine? When considering a visit to the City of Saint Catherine (a.k.a Katrina), one would only think about climbing Mt. Moses (a.k.a. Mt. Sinai) to witness the sun rise or set, marvel at Sinai mountain ranges with the sun rays reflecting on them, say a prayer at such […]


Egypt Trains – Sleeper Train to Luxor/Aswan: Yes or No?

Don't freak out when you see people walking on the railways, apparently it's a fearless common practice, haha (photo via unsplash)

Since we’ve been asked countless times whether to choose to fly to Luxor/Aswan direct, or if it’s better & cheaper to go by train? To answer your question, I rolled my sleeves, and decided to travel to Aswan by train, experience it myself to give you my personal feedback. Egypt trains can be booked through […]


Coming Clean on Egyptian Toilets: Shatafa What??

Restroom signs

Here at Whynotegypt, we love to answer your questions. Big, small, or potentially embarrassing – you ask and we will answer. Since one of the most perplexing issues foreigners face in Egypt isn’t always the easiest to ask about …we figured we’d just broach the topic first! So here it is – everything you need […]


A Guide to Exploring the Best Places in Zamalek

Kasr El-Nil Bridge which leads from Downtown to Zamalek by Jorge Láscar via Flickr

The Best Kept Secret of Cairo: El Zamalek Island (a.k.a. Gezira Island) My Childhood In Zamalek A place where I lived 27 of my 31 years -the first 2 years of my life were in Maadi, then we moved to Zamalek, and now a 2 years & 4 months resident of 6th of October- we […]


Travelling with Pets: The Alternatives to Dog Kennels in Egypt

Dog in a car via pixabay

Pet owners out there know the struggle all too well. You’ve been dreaming up the perfect vacation for a while, you’re all ready to book, you can’t wait to travel… there’s just one thing holding you back. Your dream will never become a reality until you’ve figured out what you’re going to do about the […]


Women of Egypt — Smashing Stereotypes (Part 2 of 2)

Women smashing stereotype by Sam Manns via Unsplash

Trend-setters, Influencers, and Ambassadors While Part One of our two-part, smashing stereotype series highlights women in Egypt playing a major role in the burgeoning field of adventure-travel, the women featured in part two are involved in a much wider range of activities. Some of these activities are still closely related to travel, others maybe not […]