All thanks to Passainte. She is the most talented and genuinely caring travel agent (turned friend) that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not knowing much about Egypt aside from the Sphinx and Giza pyramids, she shared with us so many other sites we would have completely missed. We were only in Egypt for 10 days, but she helped us make the best out each day. From day 1 in Egypt, we did not have to worry or stress about anything as everything was perfectly planned down to every detail. I had personal contact with each tour guide before meeting up with them, which made us very feel comfortable while being in a foreign country. Each tour guide and excursion were simply fantastic and surpassed our highest expectations. On the last night of our vacation, Passainte took the evening off to personally show us around Cairo and her favorite local spots, which really meant a lot to us. We had an absolute blast with her and it was the perfect ending to our amazing vacation. If you’re thinking about going to Egypt, go! And if you need any advice or help planning your trip, definitely contact Passainte and Why Not Egypt?, you will not be disappointed!!

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