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WhyNotEgypt is a website & startup that inspires & provides hassle-free travel in Egypt. It was launched in December 2017 by an Egyptian passionate traveler & an American Cairo-based, who love adventures, diving, & hiking.

Egypt, the ultimate travel bucket-list destination, has drawn dreamers and adventurers to its lands for thousands of years. But there’s a lot of mystery and uncertainty surrounding this beautiful place as well. That’s why we at WhyNotEgypt are here to help you sort out fact from fiction with tips, advice, and local insight for you to make the most of your time in Egypt!

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Passainte Assem; a local based in Cairo, a frequent traveler who has visited 28 countries -and counting, summited the two highest peaks in Africa & Northern Africa and one of Egypt’s first travel bloggers, who shortly after summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro left her promising legal career to follow her passion for travel blogging, believing that someday blogging will be “a thing” in Egypt, and she was RIGHT. She worked for two travel agencies as their content writer, before deciding it’s about time to quit & start her own thing WhyNotEgypt. She offers Blogging 101 courses, and talks, and writes everything that is related to world travel based on hands-on experience.

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  • Travel & points of interest around Egypt
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