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Wadi Gnai by Nesreen El-Molla

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Let’s Explore The Best Things To Do In Dahab

What is Dahab -Egypt- like? Dahab city is a hippie Red Sea coastal town, pet & “as much as possible” environmentally friendly, is the kind of places not only you will fall in love with, but also get a feeling of belonging to.

Before you know it, you’ll get acquainted with the faces you see almost every day; those of shop owners, sellers, even residents or frequent visitors of Dahab, you’ll know by heart your go-to-places whenever you want to watch another beautiful sunset, or treat your senses with a teapot of delicious Bedouin tea or coffee, and when it’s time to escape the crowds & find some peace & quiet in the desert, or stargaze on the shores of the nearest beach, and when you should roll your sleeves and embark on another thrilling adventure.

Snippets from my 16 days trip to Dahab What to do in Dahab on a 16 days trip

Dahab Map

So where is Dahab?

How Far Is Dahab From Cairo?

Road KM
Taba-Nekhel 540
Katerina 600
Sharm El-Sheikh 590

Dahab Weather

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High °C 22° 23° 25° 30° 34° 37° 38° 37° 36° 31° 27° 23°
High °F 72° 73° 77° 86° 93° 99° 100° 99° 97° 88° 81° 73°
Low °C 13° 14° 16° 20° 24° 26° 27° 28° 26° 23° 19° 15°
Low °F 55° 57° 61° 68° 75° 79° 81° 82° 79° 73° 66° 59°

Getting there – How To Get To Dahab?

By Air – Can You Fly To Dahab?

Since there is no such a thing as a Dahab airport, if you insist on flying you will fly to the nearest airport located in Sharm El-Sheikh, the ride from Sharm El-Sheikh airport to Dahab takes about an hour (90 KM) that usually costs EGP 450-600 -always agree on the fare before hopping on, and note that most drivers are Bedouins wearing traditional galabeyas (so it’s not a scam).

You can also arrange with your hotel/campsite to pick you up from Sharm El-Sheikh airport, another way is to book a ticket on a Sharm El-Sheikh to Dahab bus -as shown below-, but unfortunately that isn’t reliable, which is due to the unpredictable arrival time of those buses,  so you might miss your bus, or arrive too early, or wait till forever.

If you’re flying from outside Egypt, you don’t necessarily have to fly to Cairo first to get to Sharm El-Sheikh, many airlines & low cost carriers fly to Sharm El-Sheikh direct.

Book flights

By Land – How To Get From Cairo To Dahab?

You must travel with a valid Egyptian I.D. or passport, and to provide a copy of your accommodation booking, or at least a confirmation on your mobile phone, as you will have to show them at checkpoints. Expect to get your bags searched at certain checkpoints, and be prepared to not know when exactly is your arrival time :(, which highly depends on whether the luggage will be searched or not? once or more? at how many checkpoints will the passengers be asked to provide their IDs & papers? have you chosen to travel on a public holiday, a long weekend or a high-season that is causing traffic near the main checkpoint Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel -this is a Facebook group where you can check how trafficky the tunnel is? are there any chances there will be a morning fog during the trip that would require the driver to pull over until the fog is over? – there are so many factors to put into consideration, so try to avoid as many as you can.

The trip from Dahab to Cairo is way less stressful, as checking I.D.s goes quicker, & personal belongings are barely checked.

Remember that Dahab is worth the effort 🙂

El-Khan Cafe El-Khan Cafe

Bus To Dahab – How To Go To Dahab From Cairo by bus?

For the Cairo to Dahab bus, you have 4 options as follows;

East Delta Company

  • Buses leave Cairo at 12:30, 8:00, & 11:45 AM, & 1:30 PM (from Al-Torgoman, then Almaza Station, but from Dahab to Cairo buses stop at El-Abbaseyah & Almaza stations)
  • Tickets to be booked from their Torgoman or Almaza station -you will find their locations on google maps
  • Price: EGP 140 per way (as of January 2018)

Tickets can be booked from the stations or online through this site (that only has an Arabic version)

There are many categories with different prices & timetable, I tried two categories “deluxe” & “deluxe plus” both had the same tight leg room, one had a TV for each chair -the audio system was out of service though- and the other did not. I’d say I am not a big fan of this company.

Heard amazing feedback about this company and am planning to try them out on my next trip to Dahab.

This article will help you get a better understanding on how travel to Sinai by bus works.

The new Uber/Careem but with buses -not cars- that has a fixed bus schedule and if you have enough people or are ready to pay the full amount, you can book with them a bus to Dahab or join other people.


You have 3 options as follows;

  • Taba – Nekhel Road (540 KM) – recently not allowed to foreigners, Christians, military men & policemen
  • Katerina Road (600 KM)
  • Sharm El-Sheikh Road (590 KM) – commonly used by bus companies


This facebook group was created for carpoolers on the following route Cairo to Ras Sudr – Taba – Sharm El Sheikh – El Tor – Saint Catherine – Dahab – Nuweiba & back carpoolers.

Dahab's street art Dahab’s street art

Is Dahab Safe? Don’t worry about Dahab safety, it’s one of the most child/family/animal friendly destinations in Egypt, located in southern Sinai, while northern Sinai is where Egypt is still facing some unrest. 

Getting Around Dahab

On Foot

It’s very easy to get around Dahab on foot, and I guarantee that you will never get lost, I suck at directions & did pretty well.

By Bicycle

A quicker & enjoyable way to get around Dahab, without causing any harm to the environment. The average rental price per day is EGP 50, make sure it’s 24 hours, not 12. Price decreases, and could go to EGP 30-40 if you are planning on renting it for more than a week or two.

By Taxi

Taxis in Dahab are pick-up cars, sitting in the truck is such a lovely, mostly scenic experience. Most taxis act as “service taxis” and pick up other passengers on the way without asking for permission.

Always agree on the fare before hopping in, also tell the driver I am going to “the name of the area” not the hotel, as they sometimes price according to the place you’re staying at.

Me while riding a pick-up car to the Laguna by Passainte AssemMe while riding a pick-up car to the Laguna

Dahab In A Nutshell

To understand Dahab one must know that residential areas for visitors are divided into 4;

  • Dahab Laguna: has some of the best hotels in Dahab, & beaches too, it’s the most expensive area
  • The Laguna to Everyday Café Dahab known as El-Mashraba: a quiet area that’s pretty close to the Laguna, yet its beaches are shallow
  • Everyday Café till the Lighthouse Dahab known as El-Masbat: where the happening is, has good beaches, and a wide range of restaurants and cafés
Wooden bridge leading to the Lighthouse area by Youssef El-Rifai
  • El- Melil: a residential area between El-Masbat and El-Assalah souq
  • After the Lighthouse -El Assalah souq & residential area, at the end of El Assalah is El Zarnou’- to the Blue Hole Dahab & Ras Abu Galum is known as the Canyon: a personal favorite area, quiet, far from the center, not so bad beaches, mostly rocky, some are shallow, but this is where the locals hang-out

There are many Everyday Cafés, the one I am mentioning all along the article is the one opposite to Ghazala Market & the Police Station.

Sunset & Sunrise at the Blue Lagoon by Passainte AssemSunset & Sunrise at the Blue Lagoon

Where to Stay – Dahab Hotels

It is to note that -except the hotels at the Laguna- not all Dahab camps & hotels give you access to a beach or a pool, there are some public beaches on the mamsha (corniche), and some other beaches which are accessible when you sit at one of the cafes/restaurants facing beaches.

The Laguna

The Laguna by Nesreen El-MollaThe Laguna by Nesreen El-Molla

Budget (from EGP 360 per double room per night)

  • Lagona Dahab Village
  • Coralia Club Dahab

Mid-Range (from EGP 640 per double room per night)

  • Tirana Dahab Resort (Ex. Ibis Styles Dahab Lagoona) – the old Novotel Dahab
  • Ganet Sinai Resort: not my favorite
  • Ecotel Dahab Bay View Resort
  • Happy Life Village Dahab is also known as Happy Life Dahab

Splurge (from EGP 1000 per double room per night)

  • Le Meridien Dahab Resort
  • Swiss Inn Resort Dahab
  • Dahab Resort (formerly Hilton Dahab)
  • Seahorse Apartment
  • Jaz Dahabeya
  • Lagoon Villa Apartments
The graffiti in Dahab is truly catchy by Ayman SalahThe graffiti in Dahab is truly catchy by Ayman Salah



  • Dolphin Camp Dahab
  • Deep Blue Divers Dahab Hostel: a smelly hostel with dirty bathrooms that I would not recommend
  • Auski Camp

Budget (from EGP 150+ per double room per night)

  • Ghazala Hotel Dahab
  • Inmo Dahab
  • Jowhara Hotel Dahab
  • La Reine
  • Dahab Plaza Hotel
  • 4S Hotel Dahab
  • Bishbishi Garden Village
  • Full Moon Hotel

Mid-Range (from EGP 400+ per double room per night)

  • Star of Dahab Hotel
  • Seaview Hotel Dahab
  • Shams Hotel & Dive Center
  • Solaris
  • Dyarna Dahab Hotel
  • Sandy House
  • Yasmina Hotel

Splurge (from EGP 770+ per double room per night)

  • Nesima Hotel Dahab
  • Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort
  • Oricana Dahab
  • Acacia Hotel
Only in Dahab by Passainte AssemOnly in Dahab



  • Dahab Dorms
  • Sun Rise Dahab Camp
  • Sindbad Camp
  • Tango Camp Dahab
  • Marine Garden Camp
  • Charlie House Dahab
  • Alaska Camp & Hotel

Budget (from EGP 110+ per double room per night)

  • New Yalla Hotel Dahab
  • Bedouin Lodge Dahab
  • Tarbouche Hotel Dahab
  • Ali Baba Hotel Dahab
  • Neptune Hotel
  • Golden Star Hotel
  • Golden Europe Hotel
  • Monica Hotel

Mid-Range (from EGP 500+ per double room per night)

  • Mirage Village Dahab is also known as Mirage Dahab
  • Club Red Dahab
  • Octopus Hotel Dahab
  • Alf Leila Boutique Hotel
  • Dahab Divers Hotel
  • Dahab Hotel
  • Dahab Plaza Hotel
  • Dahab Divers Lodge

Splurge (from EGP 870+ per double room per night)

  •  Blue Beach is also known as Dahab Blue Beach Club Hotel
  • Blue Beach Club Apartment
  • Red Sea Relax Dahab Resort
  • Planet Oasis Resort Dahab
  • Residence Arabesque
  • Sea Soul Hotel
  • Villa Boheme & Atelier Boheme
  • Lighthouse Studio
Graffiti at the Marine Garden Camp & Cafe by Ayman SalahGraffiti at the Marine Garden Camp & Cafe by Ayman Salah

El-Assalah- Eel Garden, El-Zarnou’ & the Canyon

Budget (from EGP 250+ per double room per night)

  • Amanda Hotel
  • Marine Garden Camp
  • Dahab Square

Mid-Range (from EGP 500+ per double room per night)

  • Tropitel Dahab Oasis also known as Tropitel Hotel Dahab
  • Dahab Bay Hotel
  • Dive Urge
  • Red C Villas (while there don’t forget to check out your neighboring farm The Little Oasis, and read all about my volunteer experience there)

Splurge (from EGP 800+ per double room per night)

  • Dahab Paradise
  • Daniela Diving Resort Dahab is also known as Daniela Hotel Dahab
  • El Primo Hotel Dahab
  • The Bedouin Moon Hotel
  • Dar Dahab
  • The Cozy Beach Elite


What To Do In Dahab? & What Are The Main Dahab Activities?

Water Sports

Dahab Scuba Diving – A List Of Dahab Diving Centers

You can start with a fun dive without any certifications needed, or an Open Water, advanced course, otherwise dive with one of the following certified diving centers, at one of Dahab dive sites, or any neighboring site.

You must read first our beginners guide to Red Sea Diving, then understand the difference between snorkeling, scuba-diving & freediving explained in details in this blog post.

Scuba diving by Francisco Jesus Navarro Hernandez via UnsplashScuba diving by Francisco Jesus Navarro Hernandez via Unsplash
Dahab Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon Dahab

Without consulting this Dive Atlas to the Red Sea’s underwater world, you have no idea what you are missing by not diving there.  This is more shipwrecks focused, while this guide is for coral reefs.

Dahab Freediving

Freediving by Jakob Boman via UnsplashFreediving by Jakob Boman via Unsplash

Dahab Technical Diving

Photo by Anurag Harishchandrakar via UnsplashPhoto by Anurag Harishchandrakar via Unsplash

Dahab Kite-Surfing

A kitesurfer at the Blue LagoonA kitesurfer at the Blue Lagoon – Dahab

Look no further you can buy your kite-surfing equipment here

Dahab Windsurfing

Windsurfing by Ludomil via UnsplashWindsurfing by Ludomil via Unsplash

Rock Climbing & Hiking

Dahab Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing by Robert Baker via UnsplashRock Climbing by Robert Baker via Unsplash

Dahab Hiking

From the Blue Hole to Ras Abu Galum or the Blue Lagoon Trip

Asking yourself “where can I hike in Egypt?” the answer is simple; there are plenty of hiking opportunities, yet one of the most scenic hikes that I highly recommend is from the Blue Hole to the Blue Lagoon, an almost 3 hours hike where the seashore is on your right and the mountains are on your left, you meet people along the way, whether hikers, beach-goers, or Bedouin residents who offer you tea, a free ride or sell you thread bracelets.

The starting point to the Blue HoleThe starting point to the Blue Hole

Instead of hiking you can take a boat or enjoy the scenery on a camel safari, if you want to go all the way to the Blue Lagoon, at some point, you will have to step off the boat and take a car to the Blue Lagoon, a kitesurfers’ heaven.

Before You Go

You need a copy of your ID or passport that you will leave at the blue hole registration “kind of office” -in case you forgot to bring one just ask about the printing house there- where one copy would cost you EGP 2.5, you’ll find a police officer on your way from the blue hole to the Ras Abu Galum trail, leave your copy, give the police officer your mobile number, and the name/address of where you are staying then you are good to go.

If it’s not too hot make sure to have at least a half liter of water to stay hydrated, there are some kiosks along the way, especially at Ras Abou Galoum protectorate selling water, and snacks, yet it’s better to have yours to avoid being overcharged.

The trail followed to Ras Abu Galum

The hike is not hectic, no major hills to climb, just a rocky scenic trail. Your first stop would be Ras Abu Galum where it’s less windy hence a good place to snorkel and swim.

Starting from Ras Abu Galoum to the Blue Lagoon you will find plenty of camps for a day use or overnight stays, another option is to get your tent and sleeping bag, or even sleep outdoors and enjoy a one million stars accommodation.

Both places have great scenery on a full moon night, and even better if the clear sky is only lit by millions of stars. The food is average, toilets are not so great, so for those who cannot rough it, a day use might be better for you.

Other Activities

  • Quiz Nights: every Monday at Churchill’s Bar at 7:30 PM, the same place is a hub to watch the English Premier League, Rugby & other sports
  • Friday Market: every Friday at Sheikh Salem in front of Dai Pescatori Restaurant where people sell plenty of stuff, especially food. If you think you have what it takes to sell stuff on the market you can contact them
This is where the Friday Market takes places by Ayman SalahThis is where the Friday Market takes places by Ayman Salah
  • Hiking: you can hike from the Blue Hole to Ras Abu Galum or the Blue Lagoon as mentioned above, from Dahab to Nuweibaa, or any hill you find intriguing to hike
  • Cooking Classes: by Hands-On Vegan Cooking & Baking
  • Volunteer: there are several opportunities in Dahab & all around Egypt that you will find here
  • Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Reiki Karuna Ki treatment, Crystals healing, Combination Massage and Reiki, & Reiki Courses by Healing with Sylvie at the Blue Beach Hotel
  • Yoga, Meditation & Dance classes at Coral Coast Dahab Hotel
  • Moon, stars & skywatching with a telescope that can include a Bedouin dinner -upon request
  • Karaoke: every Sunday at Carm Inn Restaurant, every Saturday at 9 PM at Churchill’s Bar
Entry to Churchill's Bar by Ayman SalahEntry to Churchill’s Bar by Ayman Salah
  • Recommended by us: Eco-tours in Sinai by Homadventures such as; rock-climbing, diving, free diving, hiking, trekking & camping in the desert
  • Snorkeling at the Blue Hole, Ras Abu Galoum, the Lighthouse, or the Eel Garden
  • Sunset at the Laguna, a round trip should cost you EGP 40 to 60 depends on your pick-up location, you can also walk from the mamsha to the Laguna which is an enjoyable walk by the sea, and for EGP 20-25 you can order a Bedouin teapot from the bedouins there <3, another less quiet yet scenic spot to watch sunset is at the Lighthouse -best deal is to go to Every Day Cafe watch sunset while swinging & eating their heart-melting cheesecake
  • Mud Bricks Skills workshops at Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort
  • Kids Activities are offered at Coral Coast Dahab Hotel such as Yoga,  dancing, ballet, drawing, painting classes & many more
  • Tarots Storytelling: at El Dorado Lodge & Restaurant
  • Bedouin Dinner
  • Quad Biking
  • Desert safaris
Dahab Blue Lagoon by Hesham Al-QershDahab Blue Lagoon by Hesham Al-Qersh

Day Trips

  • Castle Zaman: between Taba & Nuweibaa; overrated & overpriced though
  • The Canyons near Katerina and/or Taba
  • Wadi Weshwashi
  • Mt. Moses: to watch the sunrise or sunset, even better if you spend a night on the mountain and get to witness both
What "the" perfect breakfast view looks like by Youssef El-RifaiWhat “the” perfect breakfast view looks like by Youssef El-Rifai in the city of Katerina
  • Mt. Katerina & the surrounding wadis
  • The three pools Dahab
  • Nuweibaa
  • Wadi Gnai: for Rock-climbing, some go there for hiking too, but as a hiker, I didn’t find it interesting
Wadi Gnai by Nesreen El-MollaWadi Gnai by Nesreen El-Molla

So Which One Should You Go For; Dahab Or Sharm El-Sheikh?

Unlike Gouna & Sharm El-Sheikh, Dahab nightlife is kind of lame, it isn’t either the top-notch resorts & restaurants kind of destinations, if you are coming with such expectations in mind then Dahab definitely isn’t for you.

Dahab is more of a laid-back beach town, a place to enjoy the sea, water sports, sunbathing, hiking, rock-climbing, cycling or just taking a stroll along the coast, and at night to go for dinner, sit around a bonfire & drink some more Bedouin tea, hang-out in a bar, marvel at the clear skies, or enjoy dark nights lit by millions of stars or a full moon <3.

Taking the Bedouin tea traditions back home Taking the Bedouin tea traditions back home

Where To Eat & What Are The Best Places In Dahab


  • Red Cat: A Russian cuisine restaurant, and the best place to have Pizza in Dahab, their pizza is thin, full of flavor, and big in size
  • Everyday Cafe (when the beach is on your left, it’s the second Everyday Cafe not the first): though always overcrowded, & quickly run out of cakes, but their cheesecake is worth the wait, they have many flavors go for the peach one. Best time to go is during the day, even better if you go an hour or two before sunset to witness it there & sit on the swin
  • The Friday Market: there is a veiled German lady who sells a variety of delicious cakes and home-made bread, she’s so good to the extent that she sells all her stuff within an hour or two after the Market’s opening, also The Little Oasis Garden sells freshly produced to-die-for Pesto & Vegan Pesto
  • Yambo Cafe: loved their Hot chocolate, a bit too sweet yet the best drink to have while walking the corniche, their ccappuccinois good too, but their staff isn’t the nicest, and their prices are higher than any other place.
  • Ralph’s German Bakery: a bit overrated, only tried their ready to buy bakery, their savory stuff are not the best, yet their carrot cake, raspberry cake and Apfel Berliner are delicious. They have two shops in Dahab one at the Lighthouse and the second at El-Assalah Square
  • King Chicken: one of the most affordable eateries in Dahab, it is always crowded, has the 2nd best molokheya after Cairo’s Kebdet El-prince, and their lessan ‘asfour soup is delicious
  • Namaste: Indian Restaurant, everything we ordered was top quality, however I would have enjoyed more if the Chicken Tikka Masala was spicier, the Dal was perfect, the butter chicken, veggies Biryani, butter naan & mango lassi too -a big meal it was
  • Awlad El-Sheikh: at El-Assalah mouthwatering hawawshi (minced beef sandwich made in crunchy baladi pita bread) and it’s up to you to ask the chef to make it spicy or not, served with salad and tahini, their liver sandwiches are not the best I’ve eaten
  • Friends: seafood restaurant, good value for money & top quality served; we tried their butterfly shrimps & coconut curry shrimps served with seafood soup, rice & salads

Places I heard are good but haven’t tried yet

Other Eateries

People of Dahab

This tiny slice of paradise that is quirky & unique, has a pretty large community of expats who fled from their city life, in addition to those who ran away from Egypt’s big cities (Cairo maybe?) and chose Dahab to be their escape. People of Dahab are slow-paced, just like how the town is, city people like us would be surprised to find lots of shops & places without any fixed working hours, even sometimes are closed at illogical hours or days, but this is the “don’t worry, be happy” kind of towns :).

When you go grocery shopping or buy some veggies and fruits and ask the seller not to give you a plastic bag they won’t give you “that” Cairo look, if you want a banana or 2 potatoes you also won’t get the look.

Residents & Dahab frequent visitors value how amazing this city is, and do whatever it takes to preserve it, so if you are planning on visiting, please keep that in mind, and pay close attention to keep Dahab as stunning as it is.

The Friday Market in Dahab by Passainte AssemThe Friday Market in Dahab

Dress Code

Dahab is a coastal town, frequented by foreigners and Egyptians from all walks of life, therefore wearing shorts and sleeveless tops, short skirts or dresses is ok as long as you are at the Mamsha, the lighthouse, the Eel Garden or anywhere along the strip facing the sea.

It’s preferable to dress more conservatively when you are shopping, or anywhere near El-Assalah Square, El-Zarnou’ or at Dahab bus station where East Delta, Go Bus & Blue Bus operate.

Dahab Shopping – What To Buy

Thread Bracelets & Anklets

Widely sold everywhere,

  • their price range is EGP 10 per 2 pieces

Also available for the hair, always pick a lady to make it for you rather than young children

  • Price range: EGP 20-30 per headpiece

Please don’t keep haggling, and offer low payment specially to Bedouins.

Bracelets sold in Hippie Dahab by Bracelet DahabBracelets sold in Dahab by Bracelet Dahab

Natural Oils & Products

  • Nefisa: what I loved about this store is how the lady who owns it is honest about her products, and gives you insightful info about each product, its use, and if it suits you
  • Back to Nature: don’t buy their Nefertari products as they are pricier than Nefertari, they sell their own brand.
Sunset from El-Khan Cafe View from El-Khan Cafe


  • If Everyday Cafe is behind you and you continue straight, this area has lots of shops & bazaars that are worth checking out
  • Slightly after the wooden bridge on the mamsha, there is a shop selling lovely paintings, where you can ask the artist himself to draw you whichever image that you want on a magnet, a piece of wood, or whatever you choose
  • Why Not Bazaar (also known as Why Not Dahab) & around have lots of quirky shops
  • There is also this shop that I don’t remember its name, that had plenty of cool stuff – I remember its location but it’s too hard for me to explain..hehe

A Dahab trend that has to come to an end (haha) is; the rugs turned into jackets, the ponchos, and the Aladdin pants.. Oh please, give me a break!

Have we left out something? Is there a piece of missing information that you’d like to add in order to make this guide complete? Please share your feedback with us in the comments below 😉

*Special thanks goes to my friend Hesham Al-Qersh, founder of Homadventures for helping me put together this amazing guide to Dahab, also to my travel buddy Dina Fawzy for making this trip truly memorable, and for Tanis Newman co-owner & co-founder of Desert Divers Dahab and Sinai Rock Climbing Centre for giving me her valuable input to make this guide handier.

**All photos without photo credits are taken by me, except for those pictures of me which were taken by my friend Dina Fawzy, special thanks goes to our photo contributors namely; Ayman Salah, Hesham Al-Qersh, Nesreen El-Molla & Youssef El-Rifai.

This post contains some affiliate links. By booking through these links, we will get a small commission that will help us maintain this site and make it grow, at no extra cost to you.

We hope you really liked this blog post, as much as we enjoyed putting it together. If you want to ask us any questions, or engage with other people, join our Facebook group here.

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