52 Fun Things to Do in Cairo (That Don’t Involve Food) & Where to Find Them

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Egyptians could easily be nominated the foodie-st nation in the world, in fact, meeting-up in restaurants and cafes in Cairo is Cairenes’ or even most Egyptians’ preferred hangout, but when we are fed up with food, having tried all shisha flavors that came into existence, or ran out of topics to discuss, we start wandering around in circles, looking for fun things to do in Cairo that do not involve food. So what do Egyptians do for fun?

Activities to Do in Cairo

I am sure that you are wondering; besides Cairo tourist attractions, eating, or sitting in cafes, what to do in Cairo? Are there any adventurous things to do in Cairo, or cool activities? After doing some research, I have compiled a list of 52 activities in Cairo that suits almost everyone.

Read this post, to find out what you can see and do while spending 3 days in Cairo.

For the Love of Outdoor Activities in Cairo

Spend a day at an Amusement Park

  • Al Azhar Park in Cairo
  • Aquarium Grotto Park in Zamalek – Cairo at El-Gabalaya Street
  • Family Park – New Cairo

Take a Nile Cruise

A must do in Cairo is to sail the Nile River aboard a Nile Cruise, commonly known as Felucca. You will find many boats docked in Maadi, and Zamalek neighborhoods, the best time is at sunset.

Movie Screenings & Art Performances


  • About: The first art-house in Egypt; screening an alternative selection of films from different parts of the world, including short films, documentaries, feature films, and experimental work. Also focuses on local independent movies to encourage Egyptian and Arab filmmakers.
  • Location: 15 Emad El-Deen, Downtown
  • Show-times: you must follow their weekly schedule on their Facebook page or their website

Magnolia Leaves of Art

  • About: An art space where movie screenings, art performances, concerts, plays, art exhibitions, & workshops take place. It has a library and a free space to just sit & chill-out
  • Location: 12 Mohamed Anis St. Zamalek – there are many more places in Zamalek
  • Opening times: 11:00 AM till 11:00 PM

Check out this list of music venues, and events in Cairo.

Watch a Whirling Dervishes Show

  • About: Commonly referred to as Tannoura Show, where dervishes whirl & musicians play folk Egyptian music
  • Location: Wekalet El-Ghouri in Islamic Cairo (close to GAD)
  • Show-times: Every Saturday, Monday & Wednesday from 7:30 till 9:00 PM (it’s better to show up at 6:30-7:00 to make sure you have a seat) 
  • Pricing: EGP 5 for Egyptians & EGP 30 for foreigners

Random Stuff to Do in Cairo for Thrill-Seekers

Climb Walls & Zipline at Grip n Climb

  • About: Grip and climb Cairo Festival City is an indoor wall-climbing facility, zip-lining, rope courses and net bridges for anyone above 120 cm height.
  • Location: Cairo Festival City Mall unit 153 the village
  • Opening times: every day from 10 AM till midnight
  • Pricing: prices start at 100 LE per hour

Experience Snow in the middle of the desert at Ski Egypt

  • About: the Egyptian North Pole; a way to experience skiing in a country that barely rains or snows 😀
  • Location: Mall of Egypt – 6th of October city
  • Opening times: 10 AM till 11 PM
  • Ski Egypt prices: there are so many options depending on your experience, or total time spent, but for an inexperienced skier prices start at EGP 300

Go Kart at Autovrooom Cairo

  • About: an amusement park for racing karts
  • Location: Obour city
  • Opening times: 2:30 till 6 PM (daytime) & 6 PM till 12:00 AM (nighttime)
  • Pricing: in daytime, the price is EGP 150 per ride, in nighttime the price is EGP 200 per ride

Some More Fun Activities in Cairo for the Active Ones

Gravity Code 5th Settlement

  • About: Trampoline based activities for kids & adults altogether
  • Location: 3 Skies Plaza, EL Tes3een street, behind Americana Plaza, Fifth Settlement – New Cairo
  • Opening times: 10 AM till 11 PM
  • Pricing: EGP 130 per hour, but if you book 2 hours in a row it’s EGP 105

Verticality Zorbing Park

  • About: Zorbing Park
  • Location: The Field Maadi Sports Community Club, Victoria Square – Maadi — opening soon in 6th of October city
  • Opening times: 12:00 till 9:00 PM
  • Pricing: starts from EGP 150 up to 500
Courtesy of Verticality Zorbing ParkCourtesy of Verticality Zorbing Park

AirZone Egypt

  • About: Trampoline based activities for kids & adults altogether
  • Location: Point 90 Mall – New Cairo & Avenue Mall – Obour City
  • Opening times: 11:00 AM till 5:00 PM – Sunday to Wednesday
  • Airzone prices: start from EGP 130 excluding socks

Indoor Skydiving at Aerodium Egypt

  • About: A skydiving experience inside a tube without jumping off a plane
  • Location: Cairo Festival City, 5th Settlement – New Cairo
  • Opening times: 10:00 AM till 11:00 PM
  • Pricing: depends on the adventure you choose, but prices start from EGP 330 (soft opening prices)

Funtopia Cairo

  • About: A trampoline park for adults & kids altogether, in addition to bowling, arcades, billiard & reality rooms
  • Location: Inside Mazar Mall, 6th of October city
  • Opening times: 10:00 AM till 12:00 AM
  • Pricing: depends on the activity you’ll be playing

Release the warrior inside you at Adrenalin Park

  • About: An amusement park that offers Paintball, Laser, Bazooka & Water Fights, in addition to Treasure Hunt
  • Location: Gate 1, Al-Hezam El-Akhdar, 6th of October Agriculture Co. & Adrenalin Park Dandy Mall
  • Opening times: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Adrenalin Park prices: depend on the activity you’ll be playing

Sky Zone Egypt

  • About: A trampoline park for adults & kids altogether, offering a range of other activities such as virtual reality, skating, & hockey
  • Location: Dandy Mega Mall, Cairo/Alex Desert Road, 6th of October City
  • Opening times: 10:00 AM till 11:00 PM
  • Pricing: depends on the activity you’ll be playing; skating & VR from EGP 50 per 15 minutes each, & trampoline from EGP 100 excluding socks for EGP 20

A Real-Time Combat Experience at The Battlefield

  • About: an experience that brings combat into a real time experience, where you recruit your warriors and get armed with infrared emitting guns (it’s the new laser storm)
  • Location: MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION – was at Concord Mall, Road 90, Kattameya
  • Opening times: 4:00 PM till 12:00 AM
  • Pricing: to be announced soon

Jump Jump at Bounce Inc

  • About: A trampoline park for kids and adults
  • Location: Cairo Festival City Mall
  • Opening times: 10:00 AM till 11:00 PM
  • Pricing: there are different packages; prices start at EGP 200 per person for one hour of jumping (you need to book through their website in advance)

Double the fun at C.O.D.E. Paintball Egypt

  • About: Paintball Park
  • Activities: 
Paintball: EGP 80 for 50 bullets, EGP 140 for 100 bullets, EGP 180 for 150 bullets, EGP 220 for 200 bullets.                 ►Archery: EGP 60 per person

Soap Soccer: EGP 60 per person per hour

Bubble Football: EGP 50 per person per hour

Water Fight: EGP 25 per person

Color Fight: EGP 25 per person

  • Age: 8+
  • Location: New Cairo Club, next to the AUC, 5th Settlement – New Cairo
  • Opening times: 12:00 – 10:00 PM
  • Pricing: to start with EGP 20 should be paid for non-members of the club.

Nile Kayak Club

  • About: Experience kayaking in the River Nile
  • Location: depends on the kayaking schedule regularly posted on Facebook; 12/8 Corniche El Maadi, or The Platform – Maadi, or Marakeb Club in 3.5 km south of Mounib Square Upper Egypt highway
  • Age Requirements: 14+
  • Weight Limit: 100 Kg
  • Kayaking Schedule: it’s better to keep an eye on their schedule, but usually the rides are during the weekend -there are weekdays rides upon request- at 6:30, 8, 9 & 10 AM, also afternoon rides at 2:30 PM 
  • Pricing: EGP 200 per person

Master the Art of Escape at One of Cairo’s Escape Rooms

Sherlocked Egypt

  • About: An escape rooms experience that makes you re-live Hollywood horror movies
  • Room options: The Conjuring (3-6 players), The Ring (3-6 players) or El-Fil El-Azra2 (4-8 players)
  • Location: 54 Mohi El-Din Abo Al Ezz street, Dokki & 17 Sayed Afifi St. Off Nabil El Wakkad, Heliopolis.
  • Opening times: 3:00 PM till 3:00 AM
  • Price per player: The Conjuring & The Ring; EGP 120 each, El-Fil El-Azra2; EGP 150 each

Nightmare Escape Egypt

  • About: Escape Rooms that involve art performances where participants take part
  • Location: Al Guezira Plaza, Sheikh Zayed
  • Opening times: 5:00 PM till 12:30 AM
  • Price per player: the price is the same -EGP 130 per person- no matter how many players are in the game, the minimum number is 2 & the maximum is 6

Escape Room Egypt

  • Location: 104, Omar Ebn El-Khattab Street, Heliopolis
  • Room options: From the easiest to the most challenging; Ascension (2-6 players), The Mummy (2-6 players), Prison Break (2-6 players), The Secret Lab (2-6 players), & Gallery (2-5 players)
  • Opening times: 11:00 AM till 1:00 AM
  • Price per room: escape room Egypt prices; 2 players (EGP 305), 3 players (EGP 355), 4 players (EGP 405), 5 players (EGP 455) & 6 players (EGP 505)

Mind Maze

  • Location: 34 Street 206, Degla – Maadi
  • Room options: Apocalypse, Congo, Haunted Mansion — all rooms take 2-6 players
  • Opening times: 3:00 PM till 1:00 AM
  • Price per room: mind maze maadi prices; 2 players (EGP 400), 3 players (EGP 450), 4 players (EGP 500), 5 players (EGP 550) & 6 players (EGP 600). Two players during weekdays is EGP 300


  • Location: 56 Al Bostan St, 7th District, Sheikh Zayed
  • Room options: 221 B Baker Street & Kidnapped — both take 2-6 players
  • Opening times: 3:00 PM till midnight
  • Price per room: 2 players (EGP 300), 3 players (EGP 400), 4 players (EGP 500), 5 players (EGP 600) & 6 players (EGP 650)

BreakOut Egypt

  • About: Escape Rooms & Kidnapping Experiences
  • Room options: Prison Cell, Cursed Tomb 2, Public Toilet, Lab, El Plateau & Puppets’ Hell — all rooms take 2-5 players
  • Location: B311, 90th Street, New Cairo
  • Opening times: 12:00 PM till 1:30 AM
  • Price per room: breakout Egypt prices; 2 players (EGP 370), 3 players (EGP 390), 4 players (EGP 480), 5 players (EGP 550)

Escape Games Cairo

  • Location: 5 Abou El-Feda St. Om-Kolthoom building 1st floor, Zamalek
  • Room options: a mix Sherlock Holmes and MacGyver
  • Opening times: 12:00 PM till 2:00 AM
  • Price per room: 2 players (EGP 350), 3 players (EGP 450), 4 players (EGP 500), 5 players (EGP 500), 6 players (EGP 600), 7 players (EGP 700) & 8 players (EGP 800)

The Exit Escape Game Egypt

  • Location: 4, 216 Street, Victory Square – Maadi
  • Room options: Pharaonic Tomb, Dracula & The Prisoner — all rooms take 2-8 players
  • Opening times: 1:00 PM till midnight
  • Price per room: 2 players (EGP 320), 3 players (EGP 405), 4 players (EGP 480), 5 players (EGP 575), 6 players (EGP 660), 7 players (EGP 735) & 8 players (EGP 800)

The Maze Egypt

  • About: A maze where you must find your way out in 60 minutes
  • Maze Options: The Unknown Maze (2-8 players), The Jungle Maze (2-6 players) & Outdoor (for larger groups)
  • Location: 258 A, Anas Ebn Malek Street – New Cairo
  • Opening times: 4:00 PM till midnight
  • Price per room: 2 players (EGP 250), 3 players (EGP 330), 4 players (EGP 400), 5 players (EGP 500), 6 players (EGP 600), 7 players (EGP 700) & 8 players (EGP 800)

The Room Egypt

  • Location: Opposite to Mall Of Arabia Gate 20, 6th of October city
  • Opening times: 4:00 PM till 12:45 AM
  • Price per room: 3 players (EGP 400), 4 players (EGP 500), 5 players (EGP 600), & 6 players (EGP 700)

Escapers Egypt

  • Location: Down Town Mall, 5th Settlement – New Cairo & Americana Plaza – Sheikh Zayed
  • Room Options: The Lab of Dr. Vlad Tepes, The Warehouse of Aladdin, The CSI Room, & The Tomb of Escathon — all rooms take up to 6 players
  • Opening times: 11:30 AM till 12:45 AM
  • Price per room: Weekends — 2 players (EGP 400), 3 players (EGP 510),  4 players (EGP 600), 5 players (EGP 650), & 6 players (EGP 720)/ Weekdays —  2 players (EGP 340), 3 players (EGP 480),  4 players (EGP 560), 5 players (EGP 600), & 6 players (EGP 660)

Placebo Maadi

  • About: Role Playing Escape Rooms where players not only try to find their way out of the room, but impersonate characters telling stories about the rooms to help them solve clues
  • Room options: Limbo Room (3-5 players) & Alter Room (3-7 players)
  • Location: Road 9, In front of Pizza Hut, Maadi
  • Opening times: 5:00 PM till 1:00 AM
  • Price per player: Both rooms have a fixed price of EGP 120 per player, however, if the team is only two, the pricing would be EGP 150 per player

HitHunt Cairo

  • Location: The District Mall, El Nasr Road, in front of Wadi Degla Club – Sheraton Heliopolis
  • Room Options: Submarine – Deep-down, Submarine – Torpedo, & Zen Room — all rooms take up to 5 players
  • Opening times: 2:00 PM till 12 AM
  • Price per room: 3 players (EGP 435), 4 players (EGP 540),  & 5 players (EGP 625)


  • Location: 16 Haeet Al-Tadrees, Mosadak in Mohandessin, 253, 90th Street-North, in New Cairo & The Courtyard next to “The Address” compound Unit B 220 in Sheikh Zayed
  • Room Options: Bunker 38, The Dungeon of Doom, The Vault, Quarantined, Experiments, Detonation, Sacrifice, & Cell Block C  — all rooms take up to 7 players
  • Opening times: 3:00 PM to 1:30 AM
  • Price per room: 2 players (EGP 400), 3 players (EGP 450),  4 players (EGP 560),  5 players (EGP 650), 6 players (EGP 720), & 7 players (EGP 770)

GetOut Egypt

  • Location: Gate no. 4, 281 N off Al-Geish Street – Hadayek El Ahram
  • Room Options: The Conjuring & The Grave — both rooms take up to 5+
  • Opening times: 5:00 PM till 1:00 AM
  • Price per room: 3 players (EGP 480), 4 players (EGP 500),  & 5+ players (EGP 500)

The House Escape Room Maadi – Not for the faint-hearted

  • Location: 47 Street 250 from Victoria square, Maadi
  • Room Options: It’s an entire horror house with decorations, sound, and lighting effects to scare the hell out of you (lol)

Continue reading to find out escape room alternatives 😉

Get Your Adrenalin Pumping By Entering One of Cairo’s Horror Houses

Fear & Fight Club

  • About: offers two separate experiences; Fear Club is a horror house featuring a scary scenario over the course of 8 rooms, & Fight club where laser fights between 2 teams of maximum ten take place in a maze for 20 minutes
  • Location: City Square Mall, Al Rehab
  • Opening times: 3:00 pm till 1:00 AM
  • Pricing per person: Weekends; Fear Club EGP 120 & Fight Club (4-6 players) EGP 150, (6+ players) EGP 130 — Weekdays; Fear Club EGP 100 & Fight Club (4-6 players) EGP 130, (6+ players) EGP 110

The Horror House

  • Location: Mirage Mall – Suez Road & Mall of Arabia in 6th of October city
  • Opening times: 4:00 PM till midnight
  • Pricing: 20 minutes for EGP 200 per player

Spend Endless Hours of Fun Playing Arcades in Cairo

Magic Planet Egypt

  • Location – Magic Planet Branches: Maadi City Center – Maadi, Cairo Festival City Mall – New Cairo & Mall of Egypt – 6th of October
  • Opening times: 10 AM till 11 PM, and 10 AM till midnight during the weekend
  • Magic Planet Prices: you buy the Magic Planet Card for EGP 10 & charge it as much as you want from EGP 55 to 500

Fun Zone Americana Plaza

  • Location: Americana Plaza – Sheikh Zayed
  • Opening times: 11:30 AM till 11:30 PM


  • Location: Dandy Mega Mall – Cairo/Alexandria Desert Road 
  • Opening times: 12 PM till midnight

Mmm, so you thought Cairo is SO boring, and out of fun things to do? Wait.. there are more activities in Cairo than you think!

Bowling in Cairo

Bounce Bowling & More

  • Activities: Bowling, Billiard, Air Hockey, Babyfoot, Knock-off Shuffle, Darts & more
  • Location: 1 Palestine St. Off Laselky St., El Bandar Mall – Maadi 
  • Opening times: 11:00 AM till midnight
  • Pricing: to be added once information is confirmed

Strikers Bowling Dandy Mall

  • Location: Dandy Mega Mall – Cairo/Alex Desert Road, 6th of October City
  • Opening times: 10 AM till 11 PM
  • Pricing: EGP 40 for a game including 10 rounds x 2

International Bowling Center in Cairo

  • Location: Salah Salem Street, behind 6th of October Panorama, Heliopolis
  • Opening times: 11:00 AM till 1:30 AM
  • Pricing: to be added once information is confirmed

Virtual Reality – A Three Dimensional Gaming Experience

Immersive VR Egypt

  • About: A place to play virtual reality games whether alone or with a group of friends, choosing from a range of 200+ games
  • Location: 3 Skies Plaza, 90th street, 5th settlement – New Cairo
  • Opening times: 1:00 PM till 1:00 AM
  • Pricing: pricing varies depending on playtime which varies between 30 or 6o minutes, also on the number of players

Lucid 51

  • About: A place to enjoy a Virtual Reality gaming experience choosing from a range of 50 games where players play in separate rooms yet they can see, hear and interact with each other
  • Location: 46 El-Nozha, Heliopolis
  • Opening times: 12:00 PM till midnight
  • Pricing: as per the below image


  • About: Virtual Reality Escape Room
  • Room Options: Cosmos & Mind Horror — all rooms take up to 4 players (in Maadi branch they take up to 5)
  • Location: Street no. 9 in front of Pizza Hut – Maadi & the District Mall in front of Wadi Degla Club – Sheraton
  • Opening times: 3:00 PM till midnight
  • Pricing: prices vary depending on the number of players & branch

Release Your Stress

Scream, & Shout at Unleashed – Rage in Peace

  • About: this is the place to release all the stress and tension inside you, you get into a room to scream, shout, and break whatever item that you choose
  • Location: 5th settlement, Road 90, Concord Plaza Mall
  • Opening times: 8:00 PM till 2:00 AM
  • Pricing: there are two packages, one for EGP 100 & the other for 175

Sing Your Heart-Out/Karaoke at Room Art Space & Cafe

  • About: One of the coolest venues in Cairo where you can watch movie screenings, art performances, karaoke, and more
  • Location: 10 Etehaad Al Mohamin St., Garden City
  • Opening times: the venue is open every day, but their Karaoke nights are on Mondays at 8:00 PM

There are plenty of other karaoke places in Cairo, yet I chose one where you don’t have to splurge in order to enjoy Karaoke.

Cooking – well this one involves food 🙂

Love Bites Egypt

  • About: bake your own cake and eat it too at Love Bites, you can enjoy it with your friends or your partner
  • Location: 8 Sesostris street, off Baghdad street, Korba, Heliopolis
  • Opening times: 10:00 AM till 12:00 PM (booking is required in advance)

Lulu’s Kitchen

  • About: an opportunity to go from a cooking day class to a full course for an extended period
  • Location: Every class/course is offered in a different location, so you must keep an eye on their Facebook page


  • About: Whether you’re a foodie, an amateur, or a chef at Monapetit you’ll find a class/course that suit you
  • Location: Palm Strip Mall, 6th of October City

Have you got any other filled-with-fun outings in Cairo? Please share them with us in the comments below 😉

We hope you really liked this blog post, as much as we enjoyed putting it together. If you want to ask us any questions, or engage with other people, join our Facebook group here.

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