A Guide to Exploring the Best Places in Zamalek

Kasr El-Nil Bridge which leads from Downtown to Zamalek by Jorge Láscar via Flickr

The Best Kept Secret of Cairo: El Zamalek Island (a.k.a. Gezira Island)

My Childhood In Zamalek

A place where I lived 27 of my 31 years -the first 2 years of my life were in Maadi, then we moved to Zamalek, and now a 2 years & 4 months resident of 6th of October- we have lived at this lively neighborhood, seen it when it was a quiet charming place, with a few distinguished places to go out, until it has become “the” place to hang-out in Cairo.

This is where the Marriott Zamalek Hotel hosted the nicest Bazaars, and the coolest kid would be the one who’d buy an epic pair of Kickers shoes. It has become a family tradition, that every Christmas till that day, mum takes me & my sister -before she got married- there to buy us Christmas tree or Santa boots shaped chocolate, and for me a Christmas gingerbread cookie -how I LOVE it-, from the Marriott Bakery, and then we take a stroll around the hotel to check out their Christmas decorations of the year.

Back in the days, my amazing elder sister Ingy who introduced me to Cilantro Café -26th of July St. branch-, used to take me out with her friends to spend time there, have coffee and their gooey chocolate brownies, my cousin Soad -may she rest in peace- who lived with her family 2 streets away from us, showed me and my sister the Fair Trade Zamalek Shop in Yehia Ibrahim St., where one can buy high-quality Egyptian products/souvenirs at fair prices, & Nomad Gallery too. My cool friend Farida who really loved Zamalek, and spent most of her time there, told me about the All Saints Cathedral Zamalek Library where one can pay a subscription to borrow books, besides the library, and the cathedral, it now has an outdoor café, a souvenir shop called Wady Craft Shop; where products on sale are manufactured by refugees, prisoners, workers of the Garbage City & Egyptian hand-crafters from all over Egypt. My sister, cousin Tayssir, & myself- used to buy from that lady sitting in front of Gezira Club’s basketball gate, sticker album books & scoubidou, that my cousin used to force us into buying FIFA albums in order to exchange stickers with him, hahaha.

A bit of history

Early 2000’s Andrea -now Sequoia Zamalek that’s temporarily closed- and before then Salt & Pepper as mum and dad told me, was a hub for Gezira Club members, high-school – especially French schools- pupils & university students, those who thought were too old to spend the weekend at a sporting club came to Andrea Zamalek, where Ramadan nights were truly special.

In 2003, it has become home to one of the most influential cultural venues in Egypt; El Sawy Culture Wheel, established under 15th of May Bridge to replace a garbage dump, and a shelter for homeless & drug addicts, it helped a lot at introducing local talents & encouraged them to establish themselves on the art & music scene, we used to watch bands such as Wust El Balad, Cairokee & others perform, it hosted seminars about all sorts of topics, art exhibitions, & workshops. It was so “in” for high-school & university students.

In 2008, Zamalek has witnessed the opening of Diwan Bookstore; a library that introduced the bookstore culture in Egypt, and is still one of my favorite places to visit every time I go to Zamalek, even if not book shopping.

After our 2011 Revolution, Zamalek continued to be the starting point for people with fresh ideas and new concepts, a hub for great restaurants, specialty shops -such as; Sami Amin, Jozee BoutiqueNevine Altmann, ABn’GAzza Fahmy, L’Oiseau du Nil, Mounaya Gallery-, cozy cafés, and small eateries to open their first store, from 2 tables & take away eateries, to fine-dining & night spots, to name a few; ZoobaL’AubergineCairo Kitchen Zamalek, Nola Cupcakes, Ahwak Salon de Thé, Cake Café, & Mr. Wok, it actually turned into a big food court..

So many places opened, then went out of business, the now Alfa Market was El-Noha Center, ABC Supermarket, and Sainsbury’s before, the newly open Sunny Supermarket that was closed for at least 15-20 years, was the go-to-place to get the unfound imported chocolates and biscuits, Zooba Zamalek replaced a Kebab shop named Kababgy Ghanem. So many places still open and close, honestly I am completely losing track of them.

Zamalek Map

Getting to Zamalek

By Car

Though lovely, classy, and all the good things you can think of, it has become too loud & intense, parking there is a challenge, and a living nightmare, so it’s better to go without a car, but if you insist you have one of two options; one; is to park as soon as you find an empty slot even if far from your desired destination, believe me if you don’t you’ll regret it later, and two;

Available Paid Parking Lots

Besides being the land of vallet parking -I never leave my car to vallet;

  • Under 15th of May bridge, opposite to Diwan Bookstore -before the tunnel- is an EGP 5 per hour Parking Lot
  • Behind HSBC Bank Aboul Feda Branch
  • Underground Park of Banq Misr
  • Parking spaces provided by some restaurants such as; LePacha 1901, Nile City, Imperial Boat, etc -haggle the parking price if it goes beyond EGP 20

Always ask for your parking ticket, so they wouldn’t charge you more than you should be paying.

Unofficial Paid Parking Spaces

  • A common phenomenon is to find -mostly- guys waving at you, throwing themselves onto your car -slightly exaggerating, hehe- to ask you if you want to park, you could always ignore them or wave “no”, another phenomenon is to find an empty parking spot blocked by a chair, some stones, or whichever item you could impossibly think of -I have seen this phenomenon in Cape Town too-, which means that if you want to park you need to pay someone an imposed amount, or give them EGP 5 that s/he will probably decline, so you hand them another 5 without speaking a word, and leave.
  • Also most buildings have garages, it’s either you leave it to the vallet -which I do not recommend- or park for a fee that they kind of impose, in all cases don’t pay more than EGP 10.
  • Under 15th of May bridge is another option

By Metro

There is only one station leading to Al Zamalek, it’s the Opera Station, at the Cairo Opera House -the under construction metro line supposedly has another stop in Zamalek.

On Foot

Lots of people do this walk after they finish their visit to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Downtown, or come from Garden City, given that the walk offers great views of the Nile River and is close enough to Zamalek. It’s doable since there are relatively decent sidewalks, however the walk on Kasr El-Nil Bridge that connects both areas to Zamalek is not recommended for non-local females, especially at night. It’s always better to do it in groups even in the morning, keep in mind to be dressed conservatively, walk like a soldier, and if you are a couple to never show affection.

Getting around Zamalek

  • On foot -the best option
  • Bicycle or motorbike: it’s one of those few neighborhoods in Cairo where chances are low to be hit by a car while riding your bike, hahaha, I am serious
  • By car? Good luck with that

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Things to do in Zamalek

Movie Screenings & Cinemas in Zamalek

Although many places in Zamalek screen movies, yet Zamalek Cinema was the perfect addition to the island. It has one movie theatre, therefore different movies can be screened on the same day, so make sure to check their schedule before going, and their Facebook page to get an update if the tickets are sold out.

  • Zamalek Cinema13 Shagaret El Dor Street, besides Batates & Zalabya
  • NVIC – Netherlands Flemish Institute in Cairo: 1 Dr. Mahmoud Azmi St.
  • Sufi Bookstore: 12 Sayed El Bakry St.
  • Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture: screening Indian & Bollywood movies, located at  3 Aboul Feda St.
  • Stage ElZamalek: 15 Ahmed Heshmat St.
  • Gusour Cultural CenterMichel Lotf Allah St. (inside All Saint’s Cathedral)
  • Magnolia Leaves of Art: 12 Mohamed Anis St.

Music & Entertainment

  • The Cairo Opera House Zamalek: after crossing Kasr El-Nil bridge it’ll be right in front of you
  • El Sawy Culture Wheel: located under 15th of May Bridge, unfortunately it isn’t as good as it used to be.
  • Magnolia Leaves of Art: 12 Mohamed Anis St.
  • Sufi Bookstore: 12 Sayed El Bakry St.
  • Stage ElZamalek: 15 Ahmed Heshmat St.
  • Loft Gallery: 12 Sayed El Bakri St.
  • 3elbt Alwan: 13 Taha Hussein St.

Museums & Attractions

  • Aisha Fahmy Palace: 1 El Shaer Aziz Abaza St.
  • Greater Cairo Public Library: 17 Mohammed Mazhar St.
  • Museum of Islamic Ceramics: 1 Al-Sheikh Al Marsafi St.
  • Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum: 5 El-Tahrir St., El-Gezirah
  • Cairo Tower: to get the best views of the city, entry is 25 LE for Egyptians & 150 LE for foreigners

Where can you watch Art in Zamalek? – A list of Art Galleries in Zamalek

  • Art Corner Gallery: 11 El-Sayed El-Bakry St.
  • Al-Masar Gallery | Contemporary Art: 157 B, 26th of July St.
  • Picasso Gallery Zamalek: 30 Hassan Assem St.
  • Safarkhan Art Gallery: 6 Brazil St.
  • Zamalek Art Gallery: 11 Brazil St.
  • Gezira Art Center: 1 El-Marsafy St.
  • Khan AlMaghraby: 18 Mansour Mohamed St.
  • Nile Art Gallery: 14 Kamal Al Tawil St.
  • Ubuntu Art Gallery: 20 Hassan Sabry St.
  • Center of Arts: inside Aisha Fahmy Palace located at 1 El Shaer Aziz Abaza St.
  • Art Talks Egypt: 8 El Kamel Mohamed St.
  • Ebdaa Art Gallery: 23 B Ismail Mohamed St.
  • Gallery Misr: 4 A Ibn Zinki St.

Cultural Centers & Spaces

  • NVIC – Netherlands Flemish Institute in Cairo: 1 Dr. Mahmoud Azmi St.
  • Istituto Italiano di Cultura e Centro Archeologico Italiano – Il Cairo: 3 El Sheikh El Marsafi St.
  • Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture: 3 Aboul Feda St.
  • Stage ElZamalek: 15 Ahmed Heshmat St.
  • Gusour Cultural Center: Michel Lotf Allah St. (inside All Saint’s Cathedral)
  • DAAD Egypt: 11 Al-Saleh Ayoub St.
  • Sufi Bookstore: 12 Sayed El Bakry St.

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Drum Circles

  • Gusour Cultural Center: Michel Lotf Allah Street (inside All Saint’s Cathedral)

Poetry Nights

  • Sufi Bookstore: 12 Sayed El Bakry St.

Dance Schools

  • Life Dance School: 6 Youssef Kamel St.
  • Forever Young Dance Studio: 5 El-Adel Abou Bakr St. behind Om Kalthoum Hotel

Fun Activities

  • Escape Games Cairo

Here you can find some more ideas of activities to enjoy around the capital 😉

Workshops & Courses

  • Sane Egypt – Art School for kids & adults4 Yameni Building, in front of Faculty of Fine Arts (close to Beano’s Café )
  • RITI – Regional IT Institute:  offering professional development programs at 11A Hassan Sabry St.
  • SOMA Art School: 3 Al Adel Abou Baker St.
  • Egyptian Porcelain House: they offer a set of really cool workshops such as; marionette sculpturing, pottery & ceramic, & Egyptian porcelain art-making workshops at Om Kolthoum St. behind Zamalek Mosque, near Sawy Culture Wheel
  • Atelier Cairo Art Jameel: teaching traditional Egyptian arts making at 13 A, Al-Maraashly St., 3rd floor
  • Lulu’s Kitchen: for cooking classes


  • Diwan Bookstorehas an indoor café
  • Maktoob: a bookstore where you can borrow, or buy books, and has a tiny indoor café
  • Sufi Bookstore: also has an indoor café
  • Shagaret El Dor Bookshop: 17 Shagaret El-Dor St.

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Fitness & Wellbeing

Gyms, Workouts & Fitness Centers

  • Body Shapers Zamalek: Gym & fitness classes
  • TD Athletics: Crossfit box
  • Hers Women’s Fitness Center: Gym & fitness classes
  • Gold’s Gym Zamalek (former Fitness Planet replacing FDA – Fitness & Dance Academy): the newest gym in zamalek
  • Anubis Jiu Jitsu: for martial arts & jiu-jitsu
  • Zamalek Runners: a community of runners in Zamalek
  • Body by Design: specialized in one-to-one personal training for athletes, or people with special injuries
  • F Square Aerial Arts & Fitness

Yoga, Pilates, Meditation & Chakra Healing

  • Nun Center
  • Mudra Yoga Studio
  • YogaKhana
  • Reform Pilates Studios
  • 35 B
  • S Yoga Egypt Ladies Only
  • On the Mat Studio
  • B-urn
  • Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture: it provides Yoga Courses, and not classes

Funny fact: The two main football clubs in Egypt are Al-Ahly Club & El-Zamalek Club, both are located in Cairo. Ahly Club -the Red Devils, and the best club in Egypt- is located on Zamalek island, whilst Zamalek club is located in Mohandeseen neighborhood!

So Where to Eat in Zamalek?

Typical Egyptian Breakfast by Nesreen El-MollaTypical Egyptian Breakfast by Nesreen El-Molla

Whether looking for somewhere to eat breakfast in Zamalek, grab a quick bite, indulge in dessert, enjoy a lavish lunch, or dinner, Zamalek is such a big food court, it has eateries around every corner, and given that I’m a real foodie, I’ve tried most of its eateries, therefore my favorite places will be marked with an *R* which stands for recommended.

Restaurants in Zamalek

Outdoor Restaurants

Nile View Restaurants in Zamalek

  • Le Pacha Zamalek Restaurants – commonly known as Le Pacha 1901: is a static boat that has a set of restaurants; L’Asiatique (*R*) – Asian, Piccolo Mondo – Italian, Le Steak – French, Carlo’s – Lebanese, Maharani (*R*) – Indian, Le Tarbouche – Egyptian
  • Sequoia & Left Bank Zamalek: currently closed
  • Club 33 Zamalek: haven’t been there in ages, but I am not a fan of the place
  • Crimson Bar & Grill: suitable for breakfast, lunch, & dinner too
  • Blue Nile Zamalek Boat

Garden View Restaurants in Zamalek

  • Garden Promenade Café at the Cairo Marriott Zamalek (*R)you could go there at any time of day and it’d still be a lovely place to be, some nights they feature live bands, but note that it’s expensive given that it’s inside one of Cairo’s most luxurious hotels.

Egyptian Food in Zamalek

You wouldn’t find insightful feedback regarding this section, as my mum is an excellent cook, accordingly I rarely eat Egyptian food in restaurants that would impress me as much as my mum’s cooking.

  • Abou El Sid (*R*): of all the Abou El-Sid branches this one has the best food, and setting, the only drawback is having an indoor shisha lounge
  • Cairo Kitchen Zamalek: I only love their Koshary, vermicelli pudding -sha’reyah bel laban-, and salad bar.
  • Tabali Bistro: mainly Egyptian but has oriental dishes too
  • Baladina: for Egyptian Pizza -feteer- in Club 33 at Aboul Feda St.
  • Ahwak Salon de Thé: mainly a café
  • but has Egyptian food too, in a beautiful atmosphere
  • Qedra (*R*): always packed up as it has the best ful -mashed fava beans- & falafel sandwiches in zamalek
  • Feteera: for Egyptian pizza (feteer) savory and sweet
  • El-Omda: for the crispiest falafel in zamalek, their ful eskandarani is good too
  • Zooba: has Koshary, and a variety of sandwiches
  • Le Tarbouche – Le Pacha 1901 boat
  • 3almashy: for home cooked food
  • Yokal: for Egyptian fast food

Pizza & Italian Restaurants in Zamalek

  • Maison Thomas Pizza Zamalek (*R*): a signature pizza place in zamalek, the only drawback is that you’ll come out of the restaurant smelling as if you just came out of the oven, haha
  • O’s Pasta (*R): their La Vie en Rose Pasta is SO good
  • Olivo (*R*): very cheesy & full of flavor pizza
  • Il Divino Pizzeria
  • Tavolino (*R*): enjoyed their food & atmosphere too, when there was a live band performing the sound was too loud, yet on regular days it’s too quiet, so they might need to find some balance between the two
  • La Trattoria Zamalek: their portions need to be doubled 😀
  • Piccolo Mondo – Le Pacha 1901 boat: like their food, but hate how lights are dim at the restaurant
  • Dido’s
  • Don Corleone Pizzeria: take away & home delivery only, heard from trusted foodies that it’s totally worth trying
  • La Bodega – Aperitivo Zamalek: Italian restaurant & bar that opens at 5 PM (has another branch in Galleria 40, Sheikh Zayed)

Lebanese Restaurants in Zamalek

  • Taboula: though it’s the same franchise, but it isn’t as good as Garden City’s branch
  • Tabooneaten there at least 2 years ago, was really good back then
  • Lebanese Dinerreplacing Makani on26th of July St.

Asian & Sushi Bars

  • Mori Sushi Zamalek (*R* ): the best sushi in town, the only drawback of the Zamalek branch is allowing smoking in the restaurant
  • Sabai Sabai – Thai restaurant: a hard to find hidden gem in a big complex at El-Gezira El-Wosta St.
  • Makino Japanese Restaurant: same building as Hilton Zamalek
  • Fuego Sushi
  • Jo Sushi: Japanese cuisine & sushi
  • Mr. Wok (*R*): for a quick yummy bite
  • Peking Lodge
  • Arigato Sushi & Grill: replacing Tabla Luna


  • The Burger Factory (*R*): their Shrooms Burger is delicious
  • Butcher’s Burger
  • Fatburger
  • El Lido: offers a discount for students, and is a quick bite kind of place
  • Mince Zamalek (*R*): becoming one of my favorite burger places in town

Other Cuisines

  • Crave Zamalek (*R*): throughout the years Crave has been capable of maintaining its good quality, and proved itself on the food scene. Nothing beats their chocolate fondant, the best in town!
  • Chick Shack (*R*): for grilled chicken -do not confuse it with America’s Shake Shack
  • Maharaja Zamalek – Indian restaurant
  • Roy’s Country Kitchen inside the Marriott Hotel – American restaurant
  • Nawab (*R*):  my favorite Indian Restaurant, even more than the one at LePacha 1901
  • Hana Korean Barbeque: not for everyone, as it’s pretty different from Asian cuisine that we are familiar with
  • Gringos Burrito Grill: Tex-Mex eatery
  • Five Bells – International cuisine

Bakeries, Dessert Places & Cafes in Zamalek

Rainbow Cake from Cake Cafe by Passainte AssemRainbow Cake from Cake Café by Passainte Assem
  • Munch & Bagel (*R*): a great choice for breakfast in Zamalek, ask them for a half & half Lox bagel -smoked salmon- & tuna, mouth-watering bagel <3, you will thank me later
  • Mandarine Koueider (*R*): has the best basboussa in town, halawet el-mouled -special candies made to celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s birthday-, among other devouring oriental desserts.

Did you know that.. you can order oriental desserts per piece, sit & eat or take away?

  • The Batter Half & Co. (*R*):  gain some guilt-free weight after having their chocolate heaven cup which is chocolate brownies drowning in melted white & milk Belgian chocolate, served hot with vanilla ice cream, they used to have the best Red Velvet Cake in town, but last I had it wasn’t that good. Also LOVE their macaroons.
  • Pottery Cafe Zamalek
  • Waffilicious: waffles
  • Nola Cupcakes: mainly cupcakes, and cakes
  • The Four Fat Ladies: serves coffee, cakes & fudges that are too heavy & too sweet for my taste
  • Simonds Bakery & Café(*R): nobody makes Swiss-Roll as good as Simond’s, jam or chocolate sablé, and their delicious chocolate with dates
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (*R): has two shops one in 26th of July St. & the 2nd is next to Om Kolthoum Hotel, the go-to place for Chai Latté & coffee too
  • Sea Salt Bakery & Café: for gluten-free/ sugar-free / dairy-free products
  • Beano’s Café: one of the best places to have a work meeting, or study
  • Little Ovio
  • Euro Deli
  • Tortina (*R*): their gateaux are to die for, from eclairs caramel or strawberry, to mille-feuille, & chocolate cakes.
  • La Poire: this place never gets old, go for their signature mille-feuille with sugar sprinkled on top, chocolate boule, & their Nutella Tart <3
  • Brioche Dorée
  • Auntie Loulou
  • Ahwak Salon de Thé (*R*): whatever they serve isn’t so special, but I truly love the atmosphere, smoking is allowed inside, so probably it isn’t for everyone
  • Cake Café (*R*): is an all-time favorite, I go there on business meetings, to work, to meet with friends, or spend some alone time enjoying a big fat slice of Rainbow Cake, Apple Date Cake or Pecan Pie <3. If you ever see me there, and you will, feel free to say hello.
  • TBS (The Bakery Shop): I believe is one of the best croissant places in Egypt, I LOVE their cinnamon cronuts, their muffins are so fresh, the zucchini-carrots muffin is totally worth a shot, however it lately became so over-priced
  • Miette French Bakery
  • Costa Coffee: LOVE their coffee, but the place is too smoky, as smoking is allowed inside
  • Café de Paris a.k.a Versailles: the name doesn’t pay justice to the place which has nothing to do with Paris, or the marvelous chateau, hehe
  • Le Bec Café: inside President Hotel Zamalek at 22 Taha Hussein St.
  • Postres Bakery: their sponge fruitcake is so fresh. It is located inside Flamenco Hotel  Zamalek at 2 El-Gezira El-Wosta St.
  • Holm: been twice, tried their coffee which was good, and their Lotus Cake which was nice yet I don’t feel I’d ever crave. Being located next to one of my favorite cafes, frankly doesn’t pay it justice.
  • Copenhagen
  • Fikaserving breakfast & brunch
  • Troufa Bread & Chocolate (replacing Delights) – same building as Mohamed El-Sagheer Hair Salon
  • In Season: salad bar
  • L’Aroma Gourmet Coffee: though their coffee is so good, yet allowing smoking with low ventilation makes it impossible for someone as allergic as me to go
  • Batates & Zalabya: it serves fries, corn dogs, and an oriental dessert called zalabya it’s a special dough deep-fried in oil, with honey, chocolate, or sugar & cinnamon sprinkled on top, it’s also eaten in Turkey & Greece, known as Loukoumades & Greek donuts
  • Café Bubble
  • Vision Deli
  • Lychee – smoothie & juice bar 
  • Cinnabon (*R) <3

Ice Cream

  • Mandarine Koueider (*R*): nothing beats their mango, dates, & raspberry yogurt ice cream.
  • The Batter Half & Co. (*R*): the first place in Cairo that I know of which made the Lotus biscuits- commonly known as Speculoos or Biscoff- ice cream flavor
  • Gelato Mio: that failed to impress me
  • Baskin Robbins: at 49 A Aboul Feda St. (same place as KFC)
  • Rigoletto: always loved their butterscotch flavor & cake, looking at their page now, it seems like they revamped their menu, and so I need to go give it a try
  • Buzza Roll
  • Nola Cupcakes: besides cupcakes & cakes, it has ice cream too

Fast Food

  • Hardee’s
  • McDonald’s
  • Cook Door
  • Papa John’s
  • Pizza Hut
  • KFC

Night Scene & Fine-Dining

  • Gu Lounge: at Nile Maxim boat for Asian fusions
  • L’Aubérgine Restaurant & Bar
  • Pub 28 Zamalek: one of Zamalek’s oldest pubs at 28 Shagarat el Dor St
  • Pier 88 – Imperial Boat
  • U Bistro & Bar: Mediterranean inspired cuisine and a collection of cocktails
  • Bogali – Nile Maxim Boat: has a belly dancer & karaoke nights
  • Mezcal: for Mexican & Peruvian cuisine
  • La Bodega – Aperitivo: Italian restaurant & bar, very dim lighting
  • Tavolino: a delicious Italian restaurant to have lunch, or for fine-dining, it sometimes hosts singers & bands
  • La Bodega – Aperitivo: Italian restaurant & bar that opens at 5 PM
  • Il Ritrovo Piano Bar: inside Blue Nile Boat close to Le Pacha 1901 at El-Khalig St.
  • Cairo Cellar: a bar that is a heavily smoky, inside President Hotel at 22 Taha Hussein St.
  • Johnny’s – Le Pacha 1901: Sundays Karaoke nights that start around 10:30 PM
  • The Rooftop: isn’t my kind of places given that I don’t drink alcohol, to be frank I don’t like this place at all, yet it offers amazing Nile views
  • Riverside – Hotel & Restobar: currently under renovation
  • Imperial Boat Zamalek – a static boat: home to SASS Restaurant, OPIA Lounge & Bar, Stash Bar & Lounge, & Alibi Restaurant & Bar
  • L’Asiatique at Le Pacha 1901 (*R*): Asian fusions and Sushi bar
  • Don Quichotte: Tapas Bar
  • Deals Pub: at 1 Sayed El-Bakry St.



**Happy news, some supermarkets in Cairo are 24/7.. you’re welcome :)**

  • Alfa Market: Tel +2027370805/ +202 27370802/ +201147924649/ +201207605713/ +201022739061
  • Metro Market: Tel +202 19609
  • Sunny Supermarketposh grocery shopTel +202 16848
  • Kazyon: Tel +202 19609
  • Seoudi: Tel +20227370805/ +20227370802/ +201147924649/ +201207605713/ +201022739061
  • Gourmet – posh grocery shop: Tel +202 19339

Specialty Shopping

  • Nefertari – for all natural oils, cosmetics, hair and skin care products: 15A Mohammed Maraashly St. in front of Seoudi Supermarket) & the newly opened store at Brazil St. shop 4, building 6 in front of Lychee café
  • Sekem – Bio shop8 Ahmed Sabry St.
  • Sea Salt Bakery & Café: for gluten-free/ sugar-free / dairy-free products
  • Nespresso: 15 Ismail Mohamed St.
  • Zamalek Market: happening every Saturday, selling all sorts of stuff, from food & books to furniture & accessories
  • Imtenan Health Shop

Souvenirs & Local Crafts Shops

Egyptian Handicrafts from Fair Trade Egypt's official Facebook pageEgyptian Handicrafts from Fair Trade Egypt’s official Facebook page
  • Fair Trade Egypt: 2nd floor of 27 Yehia Ibrahim St., off 26th of July St.
  • Turath Egypt – The Egyptian Heritage Co.: 118, 26th July St. (Makani/La Poire Building), 7th floor Mezzanine
  • Nomad Gallery: hard to find as it’s inside a building, st 14 Saray Elgezira St, 1st Floor
  • Jozee Boutique: 6A Ismail Mohammed St.
  • Nevine Altmann: 3 Hassan Assem St.
  • The Sahara Collectionin two locations; 10 Brazil St. & 13 Mansour Mohamed St., selected items are on sale at Nomad Gallery
  • Sami Amin: has two locations; one for bags & purses, the other one is for all the accessories
  • Altay: 17 El-Mansour Mohamed St.
  • Loft Gallery: more of a home decor & furniture store at 12 Sayed El Bakri St
  • Kom El-Dikka Shop: 5 Shagaret El-Dor St., across Mohamed El-Sagheer hair salon
  • Wady Craft Shop: selling handicrafts made by refugees, prisoners, workers of the garbage city, & Egyptian handcrafters, inside All Saint’s Cathedral at 5 Michel Lutfallah St. behind Marriott Hotel
  • Tuya for leather goods: 15 Mahmoud Azmy Street, Off 26 July


  • Villa Baboushka: 31 Ismail Mohamed St.
  • Mounaya Gallery: for jewelry, watches, fashion & homeware at 14 Kamal Al Tawil St.
  • Asfour El-Nil – L’Oiseau du Nil: a quirky shop selling furniture, home decor, clothes, & accessories at 23A Ismail Mohamed St.
  • ABn’G World: high-end department store at 14 Ismail Mohamed St.
  • Azza Fahmy Jewelry: for fine jewelry at 15 Taha Hussein St.
  • Amina K.: for women’s clothes & accessories, men’s shirts, & kids’ clothes at 11 Hassan Sabry St. inside Degla Shopping Center
  • Okhtein: for purses & bags at 11 Hassan Sabry St. inside Degla Shopping Center
  • Ghazl Banat Boutique: for women’s clothes at Degla Shopping Center, 2nd floor. 11 Hassan Sabry St.
  • AgroDolce: for women’s clothes at 21 Ahmed Heshmat St.
  • Vintage Boutique: for women’s clothes at 6 El-Gezira El-Wosta St.
  • Boutique 51: for women fashion at 35 B Abou elFeda St.
  • Pepper’s Closet: for designer brands shoes, accessories, bags & purses at 45 Mohamed Mazhar St.
  • Hype: infamous designers store at 29,31 Ahmed Hishmat St.

Egyptian Brands

  • Mix & Match: for women clothes at 11 Hassan Sabry St. inside Degla Center
  • Mobaco Cottons: for men & women -mainly Egyptian cotton made- everyday clothes, & kids too at 8 Ahmed Sabry St.
  • The Pink Powder Room: for Women Loungewear & Sleepwear at 26 Shagaret El Dor St.
  • Fostok: has Egyptian cotton made clothes, among other stuff for kids, women and men, it is located at 21 El Mansour Mohamed St.
  • Concrete: for men’s wear at 21 El Maahad Elswisry St.

Hair Salons

Beauty Salon via pixabayBeauty Salon via pixabay
  • Mohamed El-Sagheer Beauty Salon & Spa: 16 Salah El-Deen St. off Shagaret El-Dor St.
  • Toi Beauty Salon: 30 El-Gezira El-Wosta St.
  • Le Figaro: 11 Hassan Sabry St. inside Degla Shopping Center
  • La Coupe: 4 Mohamed Anis St.
  • Sherif Adnan: 110, 26th of July St.

Where to stay? – Zamalek Hotels

Hotel photo via pixabayHotel photo via pixabay


  • Nile Zamalek Hotel/Roof top: 21 Aziz Abaza St., El Maahad El Swesry St. previously Sedqy Sq. – Nile View
  • Horus House Hotel: 21 Ismail Mohamed St. (same building as Hotel Longchamps)


  • Zamalek Hotel: facing 15th of May Bridge, has a noisy location
  • The President Hotel: 22 Taha Hussein St.
  • Hotel Longchamps: 21 Ismail Mohamed St. (same building as Horus House Hotel)
  • Om Kolthoom Hotel: 5 Abou El-Feda St. – Nile View


  • Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino (*R* ): the prettiest hotel in Egypt, not just Cairo, located at 16 Saraya El-Gezira St. – Nile View
  • Hotel Sofitel Cairo Nile El-Gezira: 3 El Thawra Council St. – Nile View
  • Hilton Cairo Zamalek Residences: 21 Mohamed Mazhar St. – Nile View
  • Hotel Novotel Cairo El Borg: 3 Saraya El Gezira St. – Nile View
  • Nile View Hotel, Restaurants & Café: accommodation is inside a static ship at Montazah Al-Giza St. – Nile View
  • Golden Tulip Flamenco Hotel: 2 El Gezira El Wosta St.


Health Care

  • The Anglo American Hospital: 3 Hadiqet El Zohreya St. – Tel: +202 2735 6162
  • Shagaret El Dor Hospital: 6 Dr. El-Ahwany St. – Tel: +202 2735 7695
  • El-Gezira Polyclinic: 3 Ibn El-Nabieh St.,Behind Om Kalthum Tower – Phone: +202737-3522 | +202737-3544, Mobile: +2010 2000-4133 | +2012 7255-7741

Travel Agencies

  • Gezira Travel: 28 Shagaret El Dor St. – Phone: +202 2736 0585
  • Travel Choice Egypt: 3 A, Ismail Mohamed St. – Phone: +202 16119
  • Travco Holidays112, 26th July St. – Phone: +202 19779


  • Aquarium Grotto Garden: El-Gabalaya St. – Entry fee is EGP 5 for Egyptians & EGP 30 for foreigners
  • Al-Andalus Park: located between 6th of October

I’m sure I’ve left so many places out, if you could help us make this guide complete, let us know what have we missed in the comments below..


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    • Serry Allam
    • October 28, 2018

    Thank you for the excellent well-written tour of Zamalek, the words just easy flowing and descriptive. I enjoyed reading every word you wrote. Actually, you made me feel as if I am there now.

    Wish you the best

    1. Reply

      Oh that makes me very happy, I’m so glad that you enjoyed reading this post!
      Thank you so much for making my day.
      All the best to you 😀

    • Mervin
    • November 7, 2018

    I think Makino has the best sushi rather as confirmed by my Japanese counterparts in Cairo. You might also want to list that it sell pork dishes.

    Also Manipuri in Sofitel is one of the better Indian restaurant also.

    1. Reply

      Thank you Mervin for your addition, so maybe I should go try both 😉

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    • Hadi
    • November 30, 2018

    A massive thank you for this! Zamalek has been my favourite place to go when I’m winding down and finding time to just having me time and now, having this insider’s guide I’m more than intrigue to explore more.

    1. Reply

      Ohhhh, thank you Hadi, that’s very sweet of you..
      It’s a great neighborhood, I just wish that the metro will make it less busy then it is now, I truly miss the old zamalek where I grew up, yet it still is my favorite place to unwind 😀

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